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5 years not able to bend down, And after 1st session, could now bend down. For more testimonials please check out my you tube channel below!

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Manuel T.


Dr. Rabadi is absolutely amazing and one of the nicest human being you will ever meet. Her knowledge of the human body left me in awe. It was a great experience going into her office because I felt welcomed and in good hands. I came in as a shadow and got a surprise adjustment. I learned so much about Chiropractic in the little time I spent in her office. She fixed me when I had no idea I had anything wrong with me. I highly recommend Dr. Rabadi to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor.


Dr. Rabadi is absolutely amazing and one of the nicest human being you will ever meet. Her knowledge of the human body left me in awe. I came in as a shadow and got a surprise adjustment. I learned so much about Chiropractic in the little time I spent in her office. She fixed me when I had no idea I had anything wrong with me. I highly recommend Dr. Rabadi to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor. 

Juanita M.


I came to the chiropractor yesterday, and I had a great experience, I've been feeling a lot of pain in my right foot from standing on my legs to much. The doctor was able to break up some scar tissue and realize some pain that I've been having.. also got my back adjusted and was able to sleep like a baby. Definitely coming back.

Steph G.


I visited Dr. Rabadi for the first time recently and wow! The location was easy to find, an appointment was easy to make, and to top it all off she was very kind and personable. For a young woman who has had intense back pains since a car accident six years ago, after my first visit I immediately began to notice a difference. She accepts insurance as well, so luckily the copay is between $40-30. Very affordable & realistic to continue with!

Merry Y.


A couple months after having my daughter, I had the worst back pain. I could barely stand or walk. I hate taking pain medications but even with medication, it didn't help. My sister in law referred me to Dr. Rabadi. I am beyond thankful that she did. Dr. Rabadi not only helped relieve the pain, she explained in detail why I had the pain and what I can do at home to ease or prevent the pain. I try to come in once a month or whenever I can to get an adjustment. Keep in mind that it does take time. One adjustment is not going to magically make the pain disappear but it really does get better. Dr. Rabadi also has a massage therapist, Gigi, she is awesome.  They make a great team. I highly recommend them.

Shuli L.


Best treatment and the same day appointment and now I feel much better after 2 times. I felt electric in my leg it was scary but after one treatment got better and after the second I feel no pain. Very recommend.

Cathy L.


She such a gentle chiropractor. Really listens to you and knows what she is doing. She does a through evaluation when you first go to her so she can really understand how to treat you. She helped me be able to walk without pain and nothing else worked. I tried many things before I came to her. I go to her for adjustments and I always feel so much better when I am finished. Besides being great at her job she is a very nice person. I refer everyone who needs help to her. Love her.

Krista D.


I took a fall from my horse last Sunday and along with general every day feelings of being sore and stiff I decided to look for a chiropractor again.  I had two wonderful chiropractors as a kid and wanted to feel that way again. I saw Dr. Rabadi's $60 special and all her wonderful yelp reviews and thought I would give it a try. 
1.  Gigi the massage therapist is amazing and really takes the time to take care of all your achy parts!   She even said "Your hips look out of alignment and lo and behold Dr. Rabadi confirmed!
2. Dr. Rabadi is very nice and through in her explanations of what she is doing and put the extra effort in to make sure I was "glued back together" as Gigi said! I feel so much better after my adjustment!  I think I will schedule another appointment to keep up the maintenance!
Thank you!

Michelle N.


I have been here 8 times and I'm so happy Every-time I see Dr. Maes she generally cares deeply about each and every patient she treats. I definitely recommend her and the staff to helping you feel better.

Michael H.


My search is finally over! Dr. Rabadi and her massage therapist Gigi are incredible! They fixed my neck problem I've been dealing with for over a month now. Great attention to detail. Do your body a favor and go see them ASAP!

I H.


I really like the massage+chiropractic adjustment combo that Dr. Maes offers. Massage relaxes the muscles and gets them ready for the adjustment. I feel that adjustment goes easier after the massage.Highly recommend Gigi for massage!


I love Dr. Maes' new office in Granada Hills - it is very tranquil. Great location, easy street parking. Very easy to make appointments, and she now offers massage treatments with several great massage therapists. Dr. Maes also offers great recommendations on everyday stretches.  I always feel better after having a massage followed by a chiropractic adjustment. I feel that she really cares about my well-being. Highly recommend!


Dr. Maes is absolutely wonderful! I followed her to another location without hesitation because I feel so good after my visits. I go to her regularly for back/neck adjustments. She is very knowledgeable and does manual adjustments as well as adjustments with the tool called activator (this is perfect for when the muscles are super tight or if you are not big on hearing the cracking. It looks like a staple gun!). She targets very specific areas of the spine so sometimes you do not even feel cracking but feel better anyway! Dr. Maes is also great about recommending various stretches. And she has a very pleasant personality and starts every visit with a smile! The new office is close to 101 freeway, and she validates parking. Highly recommend!

Patty V.


If your looking for a Chiropractor who really cares about the patient then Dr. Mae's is that Doctor! I have suffered from chronic back pain for many years and seen Chiro After Chiro and all I get is Prescription after Prescription For Pain or Referred to Pain Management. Since I been Going To MVR Wellness Center I have felt so much better. I have Recommended Dr. Mae's To Coworker's, Family And Friends And They Are So Happy And Thankful They Went And Now Also Continue Going. Definitely Recommend Dr. Mae's For Chiropractic Services.And Not only is she a Great Doctor! But also the sweetest and nicest Person!

Autumn S.


I highly recommend Dr. Rabadi. She is really thorough and she doesn't force you into buying treatment packages. Her adjustments and treatments are gentle and relieves the pain.

Kojuan W.


I mean where do I begin! I've known Dr. Maes for a number of years.  Since 2015 to be exact when I first met her in west Los Angeles at a small practice.  She has a very special way with her patients and my time under her care was very informative and aiding. I had really bad neck pains and Dr. Maes, not only adjusted me in a non invasive way but she also educated me on better posture techniques and ways to prevent me from straining my neck.  Unfortunately I have moved to San Francisco and can only see Dr. Maes when I am down in Los Angeles. Thanks Dr. Maes! When I am in town, I will definitely see you! 

For everyone else in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley, pay her a visit! Tell her Kojuan sent you!

Cory B.


Dr. Rabadi is the best. She's goes above and beyond what most chiropractors do and I would say adds elements of physical therapy and pain management to her care. Gigi, the massage therapist is amazing as well and really knows her stuff and they are both super friendly. The prices are very reasonable as well so don't hesitate and just go. Thank me later.

Luz M.


I have to say that finding Dr. Maes Rabadi has been a life saver! She is knowledgeable and explains everything with detail. I've been to a couple chiropractors leaving thinking what the heck just happened and what did they say? I had a million and two questions. Now I feel that I can go in get adjusted and find solutions to my aches and pains. Dr. Rabadi has an in house massage therapist!! Yea you read that right! Gigi is amazing! They both crate a plan to get you back to health! I feel amazing! Getting better with the doctor and Gigi's help. You will not be disappointed. By coming here! Dr. Rabadi has also been treating my kids, she explained the importance of having children adjusted on a regular bases. They too feel so good! Improved their posture and walk better.

Olivia R.


Dr Rabadi is amazing ! So friendly and caring. Every time I visit her I feel like a brand new person. I get serious back pains during period cycles and she makes the pain go away! Not only does she offer chiropractic but also massage therapy as well! 10/10 highly recommend. Affordable prices too! Can't beat that.

Jon D.


I've had lower back pain for years and have tried everything. Was referred to Dr. Rabadi by a friend. The office is clean and staff is friendly and accommodating. Prices are very reasonable. After a few sessions my back felt great. Will definitely go back and recommend.

Carmen W.


Dr. Maes Rabadi is an amazing and miracle worker. She tends to your needs and really listens to what problem areas I have. I drive an hour just to see her. I walked in feeling 4 decades older and left feeling myself again. I was recently told by my primary care physician that I have rheumatoid arthritis and it's been really affecting my sleep. Dr. Rabadi and staff worked their wonders and now my pain is decreasing the minute I left. Thank you Dr. Rabadi for making me feel like myself.

Jenn C.


My experience with Dr Rabadi was great! The adjustment was so needed. Finally found a knowledgeable chiropractor.

Charlie A.


I arrived to her office due to a car accident a had a few months ago. I can't believe how amazing and professional is Dr. Rabadi, she is very kind when welcoming you to her office, providing you with snacks and water while waiting (by the way you don’t wait that much). She is always on time which is something I value a lot (punctuality) and her office is always spotless. She is a truly professional and I can. It be more happy every time I have an appointment with her and Gigi who provides the massage. She is so amazing that I took my parents and girlfriend to her and they felt wonderful after their first visit. I highly recommend her for whoever is looking to feel better and of course have a great posture!

Sal M.


When I went to get treated by Dr. Maes, I immediately started noticing the difference.  She was very thorough explaining to me exactly what had happened to my neck, and was able to make a difference after the 1st treatment. I was amazed when she was able to guess what happened to my neck, by the injury that she was diagnosing, this shows me she is really, really good. I had pain in my neck when staying upright for more than 12 hours, and would also have difficulty turning my head right or left. This had persisted for 7 years after an accident, feeling helpless to do anything. The doctors at the time did an x-ray, but then told me that there was nothing I can do, and would just have to be careful since the condition would get worse over time. I can say that I feel much better, not remembering when was the last time I felt so good. I would highly recommend her.


When I went to get treated by Dr. Maes, I immediately started noticing the difference.  She was very thorough explaining to me exactly what had happened to my neck, and was able to make a difference after the 1st treatment. I had pain in my neck when staying upright for more than 12 hours, and would also have difficulty turning my head right or left. This had persisted for 7 years after an accident, feeling helpless to do anything. The doctors at the time did an x-ray, but then told me that there was nothing I can do, and would just have to be careful since the condition would get worse over time. I can say that I feel much better, not remembering when was the last time I felt so good. I would highly recommend her.

Rebecca M.


Dr Rabadi is a wonderful chiropractor, very professional, explains all procedures and has alleviated my back pain. I highly recommend her, and she also has two wonderful masseuses who have done wonders for my back.

Cyrus I.


I definitely recommend her to my friends and family. She is so nice and knowledgeable. I am free of pain right now. Thanks God.

Edwin M.


Best chiropractor period ! Dr. Rabadi makes the process of coming in so pleasant . She really has helped me through my struggle of having Scoliosis. I would not go to any other chiropractor.

Anthony Y.


Dr. Rabadi truly has a gift when it comes to adjustments I came in with my troubles and left with a mile wide smile of relief. Very professional and timely service as nothing less to expect with someone of her profession truly recommend her to anyone looking to get their body back to the way it used to be.

Bachar E.


I have been to several chiropractors but no one come close to the level of service, professionalism, and results that I experienced with Dr Rabadi.  From the time I called to make an appointment all the way to the conclusion of my treatments it has been an amazing experience.  Dr. Rabadi took her time to in assessing my condition and asked many questions... she sanitized all the equipment prior and after each use... she took detailed notes of any observations and she knew how to work every muscle/bone in my body.  After I gave up on so many other Chiropractors, a family friend referred to Dr. Rabadi and I am so glad I made that call.  All my pain is now gone and I make every effort to see Dr Rabadi on a weekly basis to ensure my body is functioning at its best.

Ehab G.


Great calming atmosphere and very professional staff! Not only do you get a first class treatment for your joints and muscles, but you also get an awesome deep massage to work out those kinks in your back! Highly recommended for anyone with any sort of back/neck pain from working too many hours in the office to working out too hard at the gym! Dr. Maes is very welcoming and supportive, and will go the extra mile to ensure your wellness needs are taken care of. Her service is highly personalized and she clearly cares about everyone that walks through her clinic door.

Fadi Z.


Went in with knee pain, was very helpful and professional 10/10 would recommend.

Ray S.


I recently had a previous back injury rise up when I was out in public. I became delirious from the pain and collapsed on the floor. Long story short, my friend transported me to Dr. Rabadi's office- I was walking inches at a time. From just one session, I was able to walk faster than I have been able to in weeks. Now, after the third session, I feel better than I have in years. I'm able to touch my toes again whenever I stretch without feeling a sharp pain go down my leg. She took care of me when no one else would pick up the phone. If you feel any sort of pain in your back, this is the place to go, no questions asked. On a side note, while working she will tell you exactly what she's doing before she does corrections in order to inform you and understand what's happening so you won't be surprised. Very professional and easy to talk to. I could not ask for a better chiropractor.

Vero L.


I am so glad my friend referred me to Dr. Rabadi and her staff. I have been suffering from lower back, shoulder, knee & foot pain for years now. From the first time I visited Dr. Rabadi, I felt instant relief all over my body & I slept like a baby that night. My mobility and strength has improved dramatically and most importantly my pain has almost completely gone away. I would definitely recommend anyone who is suffering from aches and pains, give her a try and I promise you will not regret it.

Coach J.


As a person who aspires to one day be an elite athlete, having a history of back issues from being overweight for so long doesn't really help. Since I started avidly training for my first power lifting meet, it became apparent that there will be an increased chance of misalignments in the spine, the more weight you have on your back. As someone who doesn't have thousands of dollars to spend on fancy machines and specialists, finding Dr. Rabadi was such a blessing. She's very precise and pays attention to detail. Above all that, she's very professional yet very personable and sweet. She might be small in stature, but she's definitely got "IT" and she knows what she's doing with her magic hands. Speaking of magic hands, Gigi, one of the resident massage therapists. Can I just say that, just like Dr. Rabadi, very professional, yet super personable and she know how to make you hurt, but the good kind of hurt. To get worked on by these 2 for 60 bucks is pretty much a steal. Been coming here, will definitely continue coming here for years to come.

Christian B.


She is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone who is suffering from back pain neck pain or general aches and pains. I always feel 100% better after seeing her. She is very professional and really knows her stuff.

Ali M.


Best doctor ever . Very kind and caring. The office is clean and very peaceful and quiet environment that helps you to release your stress and take care of your boy and soul. I really enjoy to have her as my doctor. Highly recommended.

Hector G.


Dr. Maes V Rabadi was highly recommended to me and she did not disappoint. I appreciate how she thoroughly explained the chiropractic procedures she was going to perform. She was very professional and friendly, felt right at home. Dr. Rabadi did a great work readjusting as most of my neck and back issues were induced from sitting down in front of a computer all day and not properly warming up/stretching before workouts. Dr. Maes V Rabadi and her massage therapist provided excellent care.

Alex Y.


I am an avid runner and needs adjustment and various treatments to keep my body performing optimally. Dr. Maes is well informed and very thorough with her treatments. Every time I get adjusted my body feels better instantly and my mobility improves. If you are looking for a well qualified and competent chiropractor, stop and rest assure you'll be in great hands of a true professional. Make your appointment today and your spine will be happy! :)

Emily K.


Dr. Rabadi was amazing. She adjusted my whole body and I feel so much better. She explained everything to me before and while she was making adjustments, which I loved. She made me feel very comfortable and assured me I was in good hands. The massage therapist was also very sweet and knowledgeable. I definitely will recommend this spot to anyone who needs a massage or is in need of a chiropractor.

Spenser M.


SHE WORKS WONDERS! I am a Muay Thai kickboxer and needless to say, injury is a frequent occurrence in my line of work. Dr. Rabadi not only is able to pin point specific strains in my body, but also educates me on ways to prevent said injuries from reoccurring later. She is a caring therapist that has become a part of my community of athletes. Many of my fellow fighters have been treated by Dr. Rabadi. She is starting to create a name for herself In the community and develop an expertise in aiding athletes. My fight camps would not be as successful as they are without her vast knowledge and caring as a medical professional.

Camille C.


I received my 2 chiro treatments from her at a chiropractor clinic located in Los Angeles. She was very nice and pleasant. With my first treatment with her, I felt so much better. I really felt the improvement on my shoulders, neck, back and legs. I had a good night sleep after that. And my second treatment with her, I felt a lot better. After leaving the chiropractor clinic, I felt completely different. I have been to several chiropractors in the past and based on my experience with her, I can say that she's the BEST.

Rawan E.


Dr. Maes has been my chiropractor for five years and I know that I will walk away pain free every time! She is absolutely amazing at what she does. I call her magic fingers!

Dawn Z.


Dr. Maes Rabadi is amazing! I have physical issues with my knee that limit my mobility, and since surgery is not an option at this time, Dr. Rabadi has helped me be able to walk easier and tolerate my chronic pain better. She asked many questions about my previous injuries so she could assess which areas needed to be worked on, and every time I leave her office I feel so much better! No other chiropractor had offered to work on reducing the scar tissue in my knee which has been a constant source of pain for many my opinion, she has gone above and beyond what normal chiropractors have done previously for me! I have also used her massage therapist Giovanna who has helped me alleviate the pain in my neck,back, and legs and also helped my circulation issues because of my injury. Having the opportunity to access both the massage therapist and the chiropractor on the same visit is awesome! The massage that I received not only relaxed my aching muscles but helped me sleep better,  so seeing both of these incredible women every week is something I look forward to! You will not be disappointed when you come to Dr. Rabadi's office and its located in an area of the valley that is easy access for everyone. I know you will feel you made a good decision once you've been treated by Dr. Rabadi....I know I'm happy!!!

Mays E.


Maes! Thank you so much for being a wonderful person! Now, for the ones who like a little more detail, here we go...So I started a new lifestyle of heavy weight lifting and my personal trainer did warn me that back injuries (injuries in general) does come with the territory. Low and behold I had this annoying and persistent tightness on my lower back to the side, I tried resting and taking a break but unfortunately I couldn't take it. So I began searching online and I did ask couple of my friends who weight lift and they did recommend this place for me and particularly to go and see Maes. So I called in and made an appointment. And was actually pretty excited to get this started because I heard so much about Maes. During my initial appointment me and Maes spend a little time getting to know each other and my situation and a few min later I was on my tummy while she began her light pressure message and I told her she can be a little a rough but apparently there is a method to her madness and she explained that "First treatment would be very gentle" She would do muscle work and adjust the area of complaint as well as above and below to make sure the entire nervous system is functioning well! So that made me feel more comfortable knowing that she is knowledgeable. And let me tell you I felt better right away she "hit the spot". After Maes finished She informed me after my 3rd session if she does not see results she might ask for X-rays to see what else is going on, and I completely understand that. And proceeded to ask me if I could see her again in the next 3 days. On my way out when she dismissed me she did something that actually caught me off guard she actually gave me her business card with her own phone number and told me to take it easy and if I have any questions or concerns that she is here for me and I should give her a call! .... That's awesome! Thank you so much Maes! See you soon!

Ronnie D.


After 2 sessions with Dr. Maes,  I feel 100 percent better after one month of back pain. I completely recommend  everybody to see this doctor. She has the best attitude, very gentle, and knowledgeable.

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